Capital Campaign

How we will succeed long-term

Young men need leaders to follow and alumni brothers to assist and hold them accountable for the performance of the Charge. Future charge operational responsibilities will be well-defined and broken down by respective officer positions. The best charges in the country have regular alumni involvement and leadership at the charge level. Technology and web-based operations give us the ability to spread the workload among many volunteers. Alumni across the country will have the ability to keep an eye on charge operations as much as they desire. Here are examples of how charge operations will be improved for the revitalized Sigma Deuteron Charge:

  • Board of Directors – This board will act as Board of Directors and oversee the long-term interest of Sigma Deuteron.
  • Advisory Board – Made up of local Madison Theta Delts. Where appropriate, e-mail and phone calls will be used to employ the expertise of alumni across the country. Charge operations will be web-based, allowing alumni worldwide to view the status and condition of charge operations 24/7. The Charge will also know many eyes are upon them.
  • Mentor Program – Undergraduate brothers will be paired with alumni both locally and across the country, enabling better leadership development to occur and keeping our vast resources of alumni engaged.
  • Wisconsin Association of Theta Delta Chi – Manages the facility operations.
  • Parents’ Club – Establishes a positive adult influence beyond alumni. Helps raise money.
  • Live-in Tutor/Leadership Mentor
  • Leadership Program Partnership
  • Updated Pledge Process and New Brother Commitment Process
  • Resurrection of the Guy Stanton Ford Education Foundation for G.P.A.-Based Scholarships
  • Rush Counseling Program